Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions below carefully before using service or obtaining any products subjected to PET STAYS PTY LTD. The Copies needs to be agreed and accepted by the owner of the Pet.  

Terms of Stay 

* The dog must be fully vaccinated and a recent vet check can be submitted.  

* All dogs 6 months and older must be spayed or neutered (desexed) – No exceptions shall be made by PET STAYS for any Dogs that are not desexed. 

* Any female dogs during heat will not be accepted to daycare or boarding. In case the bookings were already accepted during that period, PET STAYS are authorized to cancell the stay at check-in (80% of the fees shall be refunded). 

* The dog owner shall confirm that their pet is free of all diseases and illnesses. The dog must be in good general health and have undergone up to date flea and tick treatment. 

* While enquiring for booking their dogs the owner must inform PET STAYS about known behavioral problems that their dogs might have such as fear, aggression, social assertiveness, aversion to strangers or any other breeds, excessive barking, dominance, mounting, causing any excessive salivation or foaming from the mouth, No food consumptions, Poop Eating, etc, so that we can make our decision for the welfare of the dog and all individual involved.

* During the bookings the dog Owner must specify in case their dog has any kind of any allergies or reactions to Food, Fabric, Plants, any kind of Odur, Etc.  

* The Owner’s Dog must wear a collar with a clearly marked Dog’s name tag, Which should also include the owner’s details like Owner’s Name and Contact number. 

* The Owner must approach their Dog with leash during Check-in and Check-out at PET STAYS

* PET STAYS shall reserve the right to request full payment for the booking amount ahead of check-in. If the payment is not completed before the check-in, PET STAYS will be with authority to not consider the booking valid.  

* The Owner shall agree to pay all the additional charges that are applicable during the stay with PET STAYS such as Grooming, extension of pick up and drop, additional requested/suggested food, any medical emergencies, etc. 

* For extending the period of bookings once the Dog has already checked-in for the daycare or boarding, PET STAYS shall charge additional fees for the same as the bookings are without any prior notices. 

* For any kind of cancellations from the owner, has to be made 72hours prior to the Check-in date. If the bookings are made 48 to 24 hours prior to commencing and is cancelled, 15% of the fee will deducted.  Any cancellation post the given time PET STAYS shall charge 20% from the booking fees 80% shall be refunded back to the owner.  

* The Owner shall understand that the daycare and Boarding rates are reviewed periodically and may increase during the vacation or business season as setup by the PET STAYS

* The dog will be released from daycare/boarding only to the Owner, registered customer or emergency contact given by the owner when booking was made. In case of any other person picking up the Dog during Check-out, The Owner must advise in writing about authorized person’s name and number to PET STAYS.

* Under no circumstances will PET STAYS be responsible for paralysis tick, fleas, canine influenza, injury, loss, damage or death of any kind whatsoever, whether caused during the stay of your Dog. 

* The Owner shall be responsible for any loss or damage caused by their Dog at PET STAYS property and accepts that the owner of the pet will be liable for any damage caused. 

* The Owners shall be receiving Pictures and Videos on request during the stay, however these Photograph or digital recordings may be uploaded or used on any of our  Social media sites by PET STAY or any 3rd party and the Owner shall not be holding PET STAYS responsible for the same.  

* Any owner or Customer is not allowed to visit the PET STAYS home before bookings, after bookings or when their Dog has checked-In. (as a strangers Visit may not be welcomed by the fellow dogs or cause threatening to any)

* Any behavior deemed dangerous or inappropriate at PET STAYS may result in your dog(s) Immediate Check-out from the facility. The Owner must not deny the removal during such time. 30% fess will be retained. 

  • I declare all the above is true to the best of my Knowledge. Any falsification to the above given Terms & Conduction, I the owner of the pet shall be fully responsible and liaise PET STAYS. 

Be rest assured that all the pet friends at PET STAYS are completely Vaccinated. PET STAYS uses safe and harmless corrective methods such as verbal commands, Frequent freshwater changes, Timely food Supply’s, Clean floors and Beds, play activities, cuddling and timeouts when reprimanding a dog’s behavior. So that the pet feels safe and at home.  

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