Pet Care Agreement

This agreement comes into force once the invoice is agreed and paid by the pet owners using Pet Stays website or via other available options.

Care and Services. The care and services provided under this Agreement consists of the following responsibilities and limitations:

Injury and Indemnification. If Pet Owner’s pet(s) accidentally dies, becomes ill, injured, or lost, Pet Owner waives and releases Pet Sitter from any claim arising from such an incident. If Pet Owner’s pet(s) bites or injures Pet Sitter, any other human or animal, Pet Owner will be responsible for any resulting injury and shall hold harmless and indemnify Pet Sitter from any claim or suit that may be brought as a result of such an incident. In addition, Pet Owner shall hold harmless and indemnify Pet Sitter against any and all costs, expenses, losses, liabilities and claims arising out of or relating to any acts of Pet Owner’s pet(s) except for negligence or intentional misconduct on the part of the Pet Sitter. If so a complete refund and covering of medical expenses is the only resolution to such situation. The pet owners cannot intimidate or create personal pressure for anything more than a refund and Vet expenses to be refunded.

Governing Law. The issue is to be resolved amicable between both parties.

The terms of this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of VICTORIA if resolution is not provide by us. For example if we failed to offer full refund or cover medical expenses for the injured pet’s welfare.

Severability. If any provision of this Agreement are valid irrespective of any disagreement from Pet Owners during amicable resolutions.

Entire Agreement and Amendment. This Agreement contains the entire understanding between the Parties and supersedes and cancels all prior agreements of the Parties. This Agreement may be amended or modified at any given time to safeguard both business and the concerned party.



A Pet Care Agreement is a contract for pet sitting services between two parties – the Pet Owner and the Pet Sitter. When a Pet Owner needs someone to take care of their dog or cat, this agreement clearly spells out your pet’s normal routines and what is expected from the Pet Sitter. If your pet is older or has unique needs, this form can help Pet Sitters provide the right medication or special care.


This Pet Care Agreement will outline the following details:
– Time Period: how long will the Pet Sitter take care of the Owner’s pets

– Payment Details: how much, when, and how the Pet Sitter is paid

– Type of Care: how often the Pet Sitter will walk, feed, or groom the pet

– Veterinary Release: authorization to get medical treatment for the pet

– Indemnification: Pet Sitter is an independent contractor and not liable

– Emergency: who should the Pet Sitter contact if the Owner is unavailable

– Signatures: Payment of Invoice is considered as agreement to the T & C’s at Pet Stays.


You need this document whenever you ask someone to take care of your pet. Some pets may require special care and handling. Perhaps your dog dislikes the mailman? Maybe your cat gets upset if his litter box is not cleaned regularly? Does your pet get along with other animals? Perhaps your aging cat has arthritis or your senior dog needs extra attention? A Pet Care Agreement provides Pet Owners and Pet Sitters a chance to share the little details so your pet receives the best care possible while you are away.


At Pet Stays once invoice is paid they invoice is agreed upon leaving no scope for disagreements could arise if the Pet Sitter or Pet Owner only use informal or verbal.

Pet Stays resolves the following if pet gets injured whilst in our care:

– Complete refund

-Vet expenses that may incurr in the welfare of the concerned pet

-Any information needed will be only provided at our discretion. We at pet stays will not be sharing any information regarding other pets or their owners to other parties internally or externally for their perusal.


The Pet Owner is usually responsible if the pet accidentally gets sick/ Injured or bites someone when under Pet Sitters care. The owner will take responsibility if someone else get injured because of the pet. . If the pet accidentally passes away, gets sick, becomes injured, or is lost while the Pet Sitter is on duty. It has to be resolved by cancellation of service, complete refund and covering costs of medical expenses incurred to Pet Owners by Pet Stay’s promises and something unexpected happens to the pet.
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