Premium Dog Boarding in Melbourne

June 12, 2024by Admin

Premium Dog Boarding in Melbourne: Why Your Furry Friend Deserves the Best

Hey there, fellow dog parents! Are you planning a vacation or have a busy work schedule and need a trustworthy place for your beloved dog? Look no further! At Pet Stays Melbourne, we offer Premium Dog Boarding in Melbourne and doggy day care, ensuring your furry friends are well taken care of while you’re away.

The Bowies our little doggie friends that come for doggy day care daily.
The Bowies our little doggie friends that come daily to Pet Stays for doggy day care.
Why Choose Pet Stays Melbourne?

Reliable Pet Care Services – Premium Dog Boarding in Melbourne
When it comes to our dogs, reliability is key. You want to know your dog is in good hands, and that’s exactly what we promise. Our team is passionate about providing reliable dog care services, ensuring your dog receives the same love and attention they get at home.

High-Quality Pet Sitting 
We understand that every dog is unique and deserves personalised care. Our high-quality Aussie dog sitting services cater to the individual needs of each dog, whether they need special dietary attention, extra playtime, or just a cosy spot to relax.

Flexible Pet Boarding Options
Life is unpredictable, and your dog care options should be flexible to accommodate that. We offer various flexible dog boarding options to fit your schedule, from daily visits to extended stays. Whether you’re a busy professional or a frequent traveller, we’ve got you covered.

Another Pet Stays friend
Another Pet Stays Friend

Health-Conscious Pet Care
Your dog’s health is our priority. We focus on exercise, and overall well-being. Our facilities are clean, safe, and designed to keep your dog happy and healthy. We also administer medications if required.

Luxury Pet Boarding – Premium Dog Boarding in Melbourne
Want to spoil your dog? Our luxury in home dog boarding services are perfect for those who want to give their dogs a little extra pampering. Think of it as a five-star hotel experience for your furry friend. Your dog is part of our family. We offer in-home boarding Melbourne dog boarding and dogs are welcome inside or out. Oh and yes they do sleep inside.

Trusted Pet Care Providers
Trust is essential when it comes to leaving your dog in someone else’s care. At Pet Stays Melbourne, we are proud to be trusted dog care providers, with numerous positive 5 star reviews and happy customers who vouch for our pet care services.

Pet Boarding for Holidays and More
Whether it’s a holiday season or a business trip, our dog boarding for holidays ensures your dog is well cared for, so you can enjoy peace of mind. We offer both boarding and long term stay and have dogs in our care for over nine months.

Pet Care for Busy Professionals
Balancing work and dog care can be challenging. Our services are tailored for busy professionals who need reliable and flexible dog care options. From daily walks to overnight stays, we’re here to help.

Safe Pet Boarding Options – Premium Dog Boarding in Melbourne
Safety is our top priority. Our safe dog boarding options include secure facilities, constant supervision, and veterinary services on call, ensuring your dog is in the best hands.

Our Cocker Spaniel friend at Pet Stays
Our Cocker Spaniel friend at Pet Stays – Premium Dog Boarding in Melbourne

Quality Pet Care in Melbourne – Premium Dog Boarding in Melbourne
At Pet Stays Melbourne, we pride ourselves on providing quality dog care in Melbourne. Our dedicated team, top-notch facilities, and personalised care make us the best dog boarding choice for health-conscious dog owners.

Conclusion Choosing the right dog boarding service can be daunting, but with Pet Stays Melbourne, you can rest assured your dog is in good hands. We offer a range of services, from high-quality dog sitting to luxury dog boarding, all designed to meet the unique needs of your dog. Ready to book your dog’s stay for Premium Dog Boarding in Melbourne? Visit us at today!

FAQs About Our Premium Dog Boarding in Melbourne

1. What are the dog boarding options available for Premium Dog Boarding in Melbourne at Pet Stays? We offer flexible boarding options, from doggy day care and puppy day care and interaction. We also cater for dogs holidays from 1 night to weeks or even extended months as required.

2. Are there any special requirements for boarding? We require dogs to be up-to-date on vaccinations and provide any specific dietary or medical instructions.

3. Do you offer services for both dogs and cats? We provide boarding in our home for dog’s only.

4. How do you ensure the safety of the dogs? Our facilities are secure, supervised, and have veterinary services only a call away should they be required, to ensure your dog’s safety.

5. Can I visit the facility before booking? I am sure you understand that as this is our home, we do not offer tours. However, we do have hundreds of photos on Google and our social media pages which you can view, to ensure you’re comfortable with our services. We are able to meet in our front yard should you still require.

6. Are you insured? Absolutely yes. This is our full time work and we have been operating for many years in this business. We do not do this as a sideline. This is our profession.

7. Do you care for puppies and elderly dogs? Yes, we sure do. We have cared for puppies as young as 12 weeks to a senior Poodle which was 24 years of age, deaf and blind. We look after many anxious dogs and most breeds, shapes and sizes. We just request that dogs are not aggressive.

Marvin the Staghound The resident
Marvin the Staghound The resident